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Apricus Escapes

Blemish Blur Serum

Blemish Blur Serum

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Made with all natural ingredients, this oil-based serum is a must have to add to your skincare routine for blemishes. 

Being a person who has dealt with eczema, breakouts and scars, over a period of time we were able to create this serum to diminish those things considered "our flaws". 

With consistency and patients, you will start to see a change in your skin and notice a more even, smoother skin tone. 

This serum features the 10 following natural ingredients: 

Lemon - 

Vanilla - 

Frankincense - 

Grapeseed - 

Tea Tree - 

Green Tea - 

Licorice Root - 

Helichrysum - 

 Almond - 

Bakuchi Oil - Natural Botox. 

Each ingredient works together to target: Dark Spots, Hyperpigmentation, Scarring, Inflammation and Wrinkles 


Directions: Apply blemishes/spots or areas of concern after cleanser and toner. Massage well into your skin and may be used on face and body. External use only. Can be used twice a day - morning and night. 

With consistent use you will start to see results within 2 weeks. (Results may vary per person and type of blemishes. For older blemishes/scars results may take a bit longer but again, consistency is the key!) 



Size: 15ml 

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